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Japanese Goodies

I have been away for soo long… was tied up with various other stuff..

So we were vacationing in Japan around the 1st week of April for about 11 days and we had a fabulous time there… Will share some pics as soon as time permits…

I wanted to share few of the goodies I got from Japan, which I found were super effective.

Will give you a brief description of the product below,

JapanFrom Left to Right 

NANO EYE – This is an Eye Refresher Drop and a fantastic one at that, it has slight tingling effect, if you are not used to eye drops you might find it uncomfortable during initial use.  It refreshes red eyes and brightness eyes immediately.  I tend to get tired eyes fast mostly when I happen to wear make-up for a longer period.  In fact I happened to come across a YouTube Video of Victoria Beckham (done by British Vogue) using the same eye drop, go check it out 🙂

CURE~NATURAL AQUA GEL – This is an exfoliator. Such light water base consistency and does not have any beads/grainy particles like many other exfoliators.  This removes all the dead skin on your face and neck, so you might see some residue as you exfoliate in circular motion.  This leaves your skin super smooth.  This is a fabulous buy, I got two for myself and wish I had got more as it is amaaaaazing…  If you are a regular with your facials/cleanups using this product once in two weeks would be sufficient.  But if you do wear a lot of makeup daily you can use this once a week.  I love this product.

ICHIKAMI~HAIR TREATMENT SERUM – This is like a leave-on conditioner.  Super light and smells amazing.  If you have fine hair like mine just two tiny drops will do the needful.  This product makes your hair so manageable, soft and silky.  They also have the shampoo, conditioner, a water base spray.  As I currently have a stash of L’Oreal stuff I got from Czech, I did not want to buy the shampoo and conditioner.

BABY FOOT – OMG, this products gives your feet a whole new skin :)… I am serious beauties… you got to wear the sock like thing (made out of plastic) which has a gel base product in it and seal it with cello tape as the product could get runny.  This should be worn for about an hour and removed and in like 3-4 days your skin in the feet starts peeling, leaving you with fresh new skin on your feet.  So what the product does is remove all the dead/rough skin in your feet.  Make sure you are not going to the beach or any other place where you need to reveal your feet as it could gross out people. Oh! the ensure you pick the right size.

NIVEA~PREMIUM BODY MILK & REFRESH PLUS AQUA GEL – I tend to purchase a Nivea body cream in most places I travel.  But the Japs has taken it into a whole new level LOL…. 😀
This Product is so light and absorbs into the skin, literally into the small lines in your skin and leaves your so nourished and soft.  Both products I picked smells so fresh and last long too.  There is a whole range, I did pick these two.

MEN’S BIORE~BODY SHEETS (DEODORANT) – This is a wet tissue but I would say slightly thicker than a usual wet tissue and literally helps you feel refreshed if you are on the move and cannot carry the deodorant with you.  The Biore has a whole range of this kind of body wipes.

LULULUN~FACE MASK – An individual sheet mask.  This pack I got has seven individual sheets in the pack and you are supposed to use it daily for 7 days, they even have a bigger pack of 42 pieces and safe to be used daily.  I like this product as it leaves my skin well nourished and brighter.

Most of these products could be purchased on Amazon.

Let me know if you have any experience with any of these products…

Bye for now bellas

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